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D 40-80 MM


ash 8-12%, volatile 40-48%,

moisture 10-14%, sulfur 0.4-0.8%

calorific value 6000 kcal/kg


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Equipment for briquetting charcoal

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Charcoal - a solid porous high-carbon product obtained by heating the timber without air (or with little access it) in the retort, furnace or piles. Many companies that producing charcoal facing with large waste of charcoal in the form of dust and small pieces (dropouts) due to excessive fragility of the material.

Our company has found a revolutionary solution to this problem and introduced in the market a new equipment for the production of wood-coal pellets in the form of extrusion-briquetting press with thermosetting die, the performance from 500 to 1500 kg / hour!!! Special technology allows to achieve high-quality and ecological purity of the finished product. Production of pellets of charcoal are produced by passing the mixture by screens, crushed into dust, mix with a binder in the extrusion press, due to the high pressure in the conical compression chamber (about 2000 kg / sm.kv..) And heat treatment on the exit. This allows us to produce high quality pellets in different shapes:
1. Round type «Nestro», with a diameter of 40 to 60 mm on request.
2. The octagonal or square type «Pini-Key» from 50x50 until 63H63 with a hole in the middle.

Charcoal briquettes - an environmentally friendly product that is used for cooking grill, barbecue and it is an ideal fuel for barbecues, stoves, fireplaces, all types of furnaces for heating tents, greenhouses. Briquettes and pellets of charcoal - an indispensable tool for creating comfort outdoors at a picnic, fishing, hunting.

Duration of burning coal briquettes is 4-5 hours, unlike ordinary charcoal which burns 1-2 hours.

The ability to reuse coal briquette can be done by pouring water on burning coal, sunlight and wind. briquettes are dry and ready to use again.

Wood-coal briquettes burn without smoke, do not sparkle, while burning almost do not emit any volatile substances, which eliminates the possibility of the spread of odors.


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