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D 40-80 MM


ash 8-12%, volatile 40-48%,

moisture 10-14%, sulfur 0.4-0.8%

calorific value 6000 kcal/kg


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Roller granulator

Валковый гранулятор

Roller granulation (compaction) is a technology for compaction of dry powders, mixtures, fine particles with a moisture content of no more than 10% into flat flakes (briquettes), which are then crushed into granules and sorted by size.

Roller granulator RG-1500, developed by our company, has found a fairly wide range of applications in such industries as: petrochemical and chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food industry, metallurgy, bioengineering, production of pesticides and fertilizers, mining and processing industry.

Principle of operation: 

The dry powder material is fed into a hopper and between two opposed rotating press rolls, resulting in a dense powder flake. The resulting flakes then automatically enter the grinding mechanism, where, after grinding, granules of various sizes are obtained from them. The resulting granules pass through a sieve with a mesh size corresponding to the desired granule size. Finished pellets are discharged into a storage hopper, and the rest of the pellets are returned to the feed hopper for recycling.


Advantages of our granulators:

  1. The powder material is dry compressed without the need to add any additional ingredients to keep the raw material pure.
  2. Dry processing of the material eliminates the need for further drying of the product and allows you to avoid the loss of dispersed material during the performance of certain technological processes, as well as to reduce the cost of packaging the product due to the high density of the finished product.
  3. The granulator is made of high quality alloy and stainless steel, titanium and chromium, which makes it resistant to abrasion, corrosion, high temperatures and pressure.

Main technical characteristics:




Productivity (kg/h)


Roll diameter (mm)


Roll width (mm)


Roll rotation speed (rpm)


Max. pressure caused by roll (MPa)


Granule diameter (mm)


Electric motor power (kW)


Dimensions (mm)


Weight (t)


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