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D 40-80 MM


ash 8-12%, volatile 40-48%,

moisture 10-14%, sulfur 0.4-0.8%

calorific value 6000 kcal/kg


Price list

Rotary Briquette Press

Our company offers a new unit of equipment - rotary press for briquette production. The rotary press allows making briquettes from any kind of coal dust. It is possible to make briquettes from charcoal, coal, carbonized Bio charcoal obtained from burnt coconut and walnut shells or from carbonized straw, sunflower husks and other agricultural waste. The rotary press is often used for pressing hookah charcoal. In addition to making briquettes, rotary presses of a special design are used to obtain pressed products in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. The rotary press provides stable operation when using fine coal and dust of fraction 0 - 5 mm at a humidity of 12% - 14%. The shape and size of the bracket depends on the matrices used and can be different: round, hexagonal, square, etc. It is possible to produce a briquette with one or more holes. On a rotary press, briquettes of the pini-kay standard of various shapes, with a hole in the middle, or briquettes in the form of flat tablets of various shapes and sizes with a hole or several holes can be produced to improve the combustion characteristics of the resulting briquette. The rotary press is economical and easy to repair and operate, does not require highly skilled labor, large production facilities and energy consumption. At the same time, it reliably meets the production needs for charcoal briquettes.



Rotary press technical parameters:

Model Тechnical parameters
Briquette *
The number of cycles in min. Engine power,
The weight, т
RP 10 Briquette diameter Ø 100 mm
Briquette height 80 mm
Number of holes  16 pcs.
Hole Ø 14-16мм
55 cycles per minute 7,5 1300х1220х1700 1,5
RP  12 Briquette diameter Ø 120 mm
Briquette height 80 mm
Number of holes 19 pcs.
Ø hole 14-16 mm
50 cycles per minute 7,5 1500х1280х1860 1,8
RP 16 Briquette diameter Ø 150мм
Briquette height 90мм
Number of holes 19 шт.
hole Ø 14-16 pcs
40 cycles per minute 11,2 1760х1400х2050 2

* The technical parameters of the briquette can be changed by agreement with the customer of the equipment.

It is possible to manufacture molds for the production of Pini Kay briquettes, with one hole in the middle and a custom briquette profile.