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D 40-80 MM


ash 8-12%, volatile 40-48%,

moisture 10-14%, sulfur 0.4-0.8%

calorific value 6000 kcal/kg


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Wood shredder

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Wood shredder is used for recycling a variety of wood waste. When logging operations, they include stumps, logs, tops, crown and branches of trees. Woodworking industry accumulates slabs, trim, technological waste, rack and wood unsuitable for further use. All such waste can be recycled into the process or fuel chips. In future production, such technology chips can be used as raw material for various products (particleboard, fiberboard, etc.). Fuel chips can be used directly as a fuel to generate heat energy by combustion. Besides, as a rule, it is more often than other types of raw materials used in the manufacture of various types of fuel pellets or briquettes. In addition to the large industrial enterprises, such as pulp and paper mills, sawmills, wood processing companies, where the wood chipper is an indispensable process equipment, wood shredder is also widely used in utilities for recycling felled trees and by manufacturers of fuel briquettes for raw materials.

Wood shredder consists of a frame, which fixes the housing and motor fixing plate. The main body has an upper cover, which carries the pipe for discharging the crushed material. At the end of the pipe, there is installed damper, which allows to change the direction and height of the ejection. The shaft is placed on the bearings in the housing. It is driven by the engine through a pulley mounted on the end of the shaft. The shaft in the working chamber carries a disc with two knives on the face side. The housing is installed anvil. On the frame or on the housing (depending on the design), there is support bearing and the hopper, and receiving hopper feed.

Inspection, adjustment or replacement of the blades on the disc is made with the top cover removed. Operating clearance between the blades and the anvil drive should be kept in the range of 1-2 mm. Sharpening knives must be performed by securing them in a special device on the surface grinder.


Wood Shredder



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