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Уголь марки Д
40-80 мм


зола 8-12% влага 10-14%

летучие 40-48% сера 0,5%

теплотворность 6000 ккал


Прайс-лист угля



Peat briquettes



Auger Feed Granulator

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Fuel pellets for solid fuel boilers, granular fertilizer to farmers, feed mixtures for livestock, etc. are in demand on today's market. For producers of granular products, our company offers auger granulators.

Auger granulator a production equipment designed by our engineers on the basis of the extruder press. Therefore, it has the same value. It is high performance, reliable, easy to use and maintain. It also gives a great advantage for the manufacturer that binder additives are not used in granulation of materials such as peat, lignin, coal, lime, bird droppings, dung of animals and some other materials, which greatly reduces the cost of production.

Instead of briquettes, auger granulator produces fuel pellets with the diameter of 6 mm or bigger, depending on the size of holes in the spinnerets used.

Performance of auger feed granulator is determined by the design, motor and materials. Production can reach up 5.0 tons per hour with a single installation. The only condition for obtaining high-quality pellets is fine dispersion of raw materials. The particles should be as small as 0-2mm. Not every material at start is small in size but It can be obtained by using a hammer crusher. These crushers are also produced by our company along with other accessories and production equipment.



Auger Feed Granulator (Screw Granulator)

AFG - 219

AFG - 273

AFG - 325

AFG - 425


500 kg/h

1000 kg/h

1500 kg/h

3000 kg/h

Compacting force

up to 275 kg/cm

up to 275 kg/cm

up to 275 kg/cm

up to 275 kg/cm

Adjusting speed of rotation of the screw

Yes, stepless

Yes, stepless

Yes, stepless

Yes, stepless

RPM of auger

0-47 rev/min.

0-47 rev/min.

0-47 rev/min.

0-47 rev/min.

RPM of auger pre-press

0-35 rev/min.

0-35 rev/min.

0-35 rev/min.

0-35 rev/min.


1200 х 1500 х 1800 mm

1500 х 1800 х 2200 mm

1500 х 2100 х 2220 mm

1500 х 2200 х 2220 mm

Electric Motor

7,5 kW

15 kW

18,5 kW

22 kW

Motor of pre-press reducer

1,1 kW

2,2 kW

3 kW

3 kW


Price list


Granulating line scheme