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D 40-80 MM


ash 8-12%, volatile 40-48%,

moisture 10-14%, sulfur 0.4-0.8%

calorific value 6000 kcal/kg


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Fuel Pellets

pel Our company offers pellets made of grade D coal originating from Kazakhstan. Almost any consumer is familiar with the peculiarities of the use and distinctive characteristics of this coal, its popularity. But coal pellets and briquettes made of it only in recent years are becoming more and more in demand. And this is not surprising, because the consumption of such an energy source only grows, and the pellets offered by us not only retain all the positive properties of the source material, but also have their own attractive qualities:

  • Ecological purity
  • No smoke, odor, sparking
  • Carbon monoxide and other harmful compounds are not formed
  • Low ash and high carbon
  • High calorific value
  • Long burning time
  • Resistance to mechanical damage (not crushed during transportation, loading, storage)
  • Equal fraction, hence the burning uniformity and dosage during use
  • Convenience and compactness during storage, transportation and use
  • Economy (lower consumption with the same heat dissipation)

Thanks to all the above-mentioned properties, coal pellets, along with traditional coal, have been used by an increasing number of consumers. Most often, our customers purchase pellets made of rock (and brown) Kazakh coal to use this type of fuel for heating in solid fuel boilers, especially in boilers with automatic fuel supply, as well as in boiler rooms and mini-boilers.

Besides, our Company produces various briquette and pellet equipment. Therefore, we can offer our partners and customers a wide variety of shapes and sizes of our own briquette products.


Qualitative characteristics of coal pellets (and briquettes) from Kazakh coal:
Calorific value 5450–7044 kcal / kg
Density up to 1, 5 g / cm3
Ash content 8-10%
Moisture 8-10%
Volatile 40-48%
Sulfur content 0,3%


Coal fuel pellets are the most optimal raw material for modern solid fuel boilers, both with manual combustion control and with automatic fuel supply.

Our fuel pellets from Kazakh D grade coal burn much longer than biomass pellets and give much more heat when burned.